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Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Colours of the Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
Inside The Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Look

Hey there lovelies. Makeup Revolution are a brand I am just sure you'll of heard of. Newish to the budget makeup world, now known more for making spot-on dupes of the three Naked palettes from UD (colour-wise, anyway) called the Iconic palettes. But I can't lie, I didn't seem as excited to try Makeup Revolution as some people. Not sure why, but maybe as I am never overwhelmed by 'budget' makeup. Makeup snob? Yep.

So what am I doing with this palette? A gift bag goodie from the Bluewater meet up I went to a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say I was intrigued to try out the Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.  On first glance, it's a very standard looking palette. The packaging is made from a black plastic and has a clear window on the top. All very typical of low-cost palettes, and of course a bit cheap looking. But then I am grateful this is black and not bright plastic, least Makeup Revolution have made an effort to avoid the cheap look.

Anyway, there are ten shimmery shades in this palette and two matte shades. All the shades are much more buttery than I expected, and no fall out issues, even with all that shimmer. Blending wise, no problems either but they do lose their pigmentation a tad once applied, yet I must say they did last a good 6/8 hours with no creasing, my absolute pet eyeshadow hate.

For £4 I do think this a pretty good palette, but I can't say I am blown away with it yet. To be fair I am a UD Naked girl through and through so it did have tough competition, and any eye shadow will have a hard job trying to convince me to wear shimmer. And I just don't know if I am intrigued enough to try the matte palette they do... 

Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette £4

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette? 


Blog Hop | Why I Blog

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Last week I got tagged in the Why I Blog tag from the absolutely wonderful Julie from Just Julie. And I am the first to admit I am rubbish with blog tags, shamefully for no other reason then I just forget I was ever tagged. But with the Blog Hop - Why I Blogdesigned to help find new blogs, I made a hand written post it and stuck it on my wall to remember. Old school, but it worked...

Why Do I write? I am the least creative person ever, so when I figured I actually quite liked writing I basked in my new found creativity and decided to start writing about something I am overly passionate for, mascara. I do also write freelance for magazines, and this is of course I just love writing.

What Am I working on? I wish I could say, but anything I plan (like blog tags..) just never happen , or go the way I hope. I am a perfectionist though, so I am always looking to better my writing, and photography style. Only when I am Agatha Christie and Mario Testino I'll be happy. Maybe.

How Does My Blog Differ From Others In The Same Genre? Let be honest, it doesn't. There are 1000's of beauty blogs so I highly doubt mine is any different. I will always try to think of different post ideas and new angles, but then I scroll down my Bloglovin feed to see someone has of course already done it.

How Does My Writing Process Work? I so wish I could say I set up my laptop at 9am full of ideas with my camera ready to go. But my brain really doesn't work like that, and I think like most of us my ideas seem to come at me at the worse times. Middle of the supermarket? Yep. Midnight? Normally. Thank God for note books. I'll often write at the spare of the moment, and then maybe a little edit after. I do brainstorm ideas when my brain isn't working and write half posts, but generally I type up entire posts at a time when they come to me. This makes any sort of blog schedule pretty much non existent, but I've somehow managed this for over a year. Somehow.

I tag the gorgeous and lovely Jess from Blonde Of Carbs and one of my newer blog finds, the beautiful Zoe from Classic Rouge to do this post. These are two of my favourite blogs so you need to go and check them out. 

Did any of my writing habits surprise you? 


Barry M Gelly Nails Effects - Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection First Impressions

Barry M Gelly Nails Effects - Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection First Impressions

Recently, it feels like I have brought the majority of the Barry M stand. After the Barry M Olive shade, I was actually a bit repulsed by their new Autumn/Winter Collection. Horrible colours was my first reaction. Brown nails? Dingy red? Even worse, mustard yellow nails? And now I own three. The most turnaround reaction ever, but I am glad I caved with their new Gelly Nails Effects. I've not yet got to try them, hence the swatch-less post, as they are pretty much fresh from the Barry M stand yesterday. But I was just too keen to share them regardless.

First up is Barry M Gelly Nails Effects in Chai, this a medium grey. Well and thats about it really...just a nice mid toned grey. Next I opted for the Barry M Gelly Nails Effects in Cocoa, yes the dreaded brown, but this rich colours leans a little on the side red. Last is the my favourite, the Barry M Gelly Nails Effects in Chilli, with reds forever being my fail safe colour, I love this shade with the slight brown tones.

Barry M have got their AW14 range spot on in my opinion, and despite my initial hate, the colours are perfect for autumn. I'm just not sure I can commit to the mustard.

Will you be trying the Barry M Autumn/Winter Collection?