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Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette Review

The Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette Review

The Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette Swatch & Review

Okay. So I really can't keep up with Makeup Revolutions palettes. Eyes, face or blushers, I am lost. Yet this  I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette (£7.99) caught my eye. The reason? Its furry, and in the middle of that black fur is clear crystal-cut heart. Shallow? Totally.

I normally can sense the theme with Makeup Revolutions palette, but the I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette has me stumped. With names like Meow, Free and 2004, I can't figure this one out. Made up of sixteen eye shadows, in a range of neutral golds, coppers and even some dark jewel toned shades, which of course I just love by looking at them. There is nothing like a good neutral palette to get me excited. Six of these shades have a matte finish, whilst slightly annoyingly for my non shimmer tastes, ten have this metallic finish. This is obviously just my personal preference as I adore mattes, but I do realise I am in the minority here. I so don't have the face for shimmers.

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette Swatch

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette Natural Look
All 16 are soft, buttery and blendable like expected with Makeup Revolution, and again as I could of predicted (yep, I've tried that many Makeup Revolution palettes) the mattes are slightly more chalky than the shimmers, but nothing to cause issues. 

So while this isn't my favourite Makeup Revolution palette, the Ultra Blush Golden Sugar palette or  the Matte Eyeshadow Palette has that title, this is a very option for those of you who like a mixture of textures. Or like pretty furry things.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette?

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Cohorted Beauty Box: March Edition

Cohorted Beauty Box: March Edition

The Cohorted Beauty Box: March Edition Review

If you've ever read any of my beauty box posts, you'll know I'm not their biggest fan. And there are only a few I deem acceptable, and not full of rubbish and samples I could pick up myself, free of charge of course. But then Cohorted happened, and their previous box sold out so quickly I just had to try this latest beauty box to come into the world.

Those of you who are not familiar with Cohorted, they are an online beauty retailer who provide well known brands such as Urban Decay, Benefit, MAC, NARS, Dolce & Gabbana and Real Techniques, for a much nicer price, and one I can justify buying items at. So to say that my expectations where high with this box is a understatement, and I was practically expecting my makeup collection to improve ten fold just from this box. But did it happen? Lets see. 

Beauty Box, Cohorted, Cohorted Beauty Box, BareMinerals, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, Too Faced Exotic Colour Eye Shadow, Too Faced, Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter,

Beauty Box, Cohorted, Cohorted Beauty Box, BareMinerals, Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, Too Faced Exotic Colour Eye Shadow, Too Faced, Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter,

BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment | Full Size 150ml £45

Initially I assumed this was a cream, being a night treatment, but to my surprise this is a loose powder...yep, a powder to reduce the appearance of pores whilst giving your skin a glow and also increases cell turnover which helps the skin perfect itself. The concept of this sounds perfect, I can go to sleep and look perfectly made up guilt-free. But even though this is meant to be kind clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores without any clogging, I've been way too scared to try this. Wimp I know, its only makeup. However, I do adore BareMinerals, and I think it’s pretty impressive that Cohorted have included a full sized tub as the price of this normally is £45. Ouch. 

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara | Travel Size 3ml.

I've only tried the Urban Decay naked palettes (who hasn't?), but their Perversion Mascara has been on my wish list for a while now, so Cohorted gave me a right smile when this mascara claiming to give you bigger, blacker, and badder lashes turned up in the box. The formula of this is super thick, and very black, and while this wasn't the most dramatic mascara I've tried, its a very nice addition to my collection.

Too Faced Exotic Colour Eye Shadow | Full Size 15ml £15

I never buy single eyeshadows, as I've just said I am a bit of a Urban Decay Naked palette addicted, but that doesn't mean I wasn't excited for this flower cased  Copper Peony eye shadow from Too Faced exotic collection. This eye shadow comes in a beautiful metallic golden cooper shade with lots of shimmer (ermm..) and is rather strong. Saying that, this gold is surprisingly flattering on, and didn’t lose any of it’s sparkle when I was blending it out. A very good evening colour, and not a bad single eyeshadow to keep my palettes company.

Sleek Face & Body Precious Metals Highlighter | Full Size £9.99

Sleek is one of my favourite high street brand for face makeup, and their face form contouring kit is my holy grail, so this Precious Metals Highlighter Palette did cause a slight squeal of excitement. Aiming to create a gorgeous all-over shimmer and complexion enhancing glow, this is the highlight (excuse the pun) of this Cohorted Beauty Box.

Within this are four colours which I would imagine would complement lighter/mid skin tones with three cream formulas and one powder. The three cream shades vary in tone ranging from a pearly champagne colour to two more slightly golden warmer shades, whilst the powder highlighter is a little more on the bronze side. Luckily for my highlighting novice self, there is a little guide on the back of exactly where to put each shade. All are so pigmented, even the lighter shades, almost too much as I would imagine creating a disco ball look would be just too easy with this one. Precious Metals has defiantly become a partner in crime to my contour kit from Sleek.

So as you might of guessed, this Cohorted Beauty Box the March Edition has gone down very well with me, and I can see just why it sold out so quickly. Price wise, this £19.99 box is worth £70 and while its not packed with items, it does included three full sized products alongside one sample, which by beauty box standards is a very good deal. And yes I am keeping this black box, hello new bedroom storage. 

What do you think of the Cohorted Beauty Box, the March Edition?

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Skincare SOS Favourites

Skincare SOS Favourites

We all have those days (or weeks) were our skin is totally against us, no matter what we do. During these times there a few items that I call out into in hope my skin will redeem itself. Unfortunately they are all higher end items, so please share your skincare SOS favourites with me. Once you've read mine first of course....

First is is my spot saviour, the Clinique On The Spot Treatment. This is a pretty multi purpose treatment, being able to be used over and under face creams, as well as foundations. The clear gel sinks right up and as expected does sting if my spot is particularly angry (or been squeezed, but shh), forming a almost cling film like layer.

Next is the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser. this hot cloth cleanser is completely different to any other I’ve used before. This is more of a smooth, light and milky cream, compared to the often heavy balm like ones that often make a appearance. The hot cloth enclosed (not pictured as its laying soaking wet in my bathroom) is really soft but also sort of textured, providing a gentle exfoliation. My delicate sensitive little face has been loving the replenished feeling, and has handled a double cleanse without feeling stripped. This is defiantly the hot cloth cleanser for sensitive skinned people.

Last, and by no means least is my newest addition to my bathroom cupboard, the Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beauté Mask. This range has existed since the late nineties apparently, and aimed this range at sensitive, dehydrated skin. Unlike most, or all masks I've tried, you apply a layer of this light   moisturiser-eqsue over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and then massage your face, leaving the masks to kind of roll off your face. Sorry for the lack of proper terminology there. The results from this mask have been absolutely amazing, no dry skin in sight and my face just feels moisturised and supple for days after I use this. Apparently you can store this one in the fridge too to make it feel extra refreshing, but my fridge may be too full at the moment with a pre-Easter chocolate haul for me to try this. Priorities right there.

What are your Skincare SOS Favourites?

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