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Lush Movis Facial Soap Cleanser

The Lush Movis Facial Soap Cleanser flatlay
The Lush Movis Facial Soap Cleanser
Lush Movis Facial Soap Cleanser
Cake or soap? Or bread perhaps? With a name like Movis Facial Soap Cleanser, this odd shaped thing from Lush sounds likes it should be a distance cousin of the bread brand Hovis. At least that is what I think. This is a soap, a soap in fact inspired by Mo Constantine, one of the founders of Lush, who loves to bake, and created this wheaty face soap.

Without a doubt the weirdest thing I have brought from Lush, this is sweet smelling squidgy bar uses wholemeal bread to exfoliate and revive the skin, and wheatgerm oil, hop oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to soften. There is no other way to describe this other than its a grainy brown lump

During washing you do get some brown crumb like things, which actually do a good job at exfoliating gently while still leaving my skin soft. Since I have been using this lump, my dry skin areas have been much better, and my flakey nose skin? Gone. Movis isn't ridiculously expensive either, and admittedly this is a 'sample' size I have, but for 100g its £4.50. So compared to other brands, I won't be crying handing over my bank card. Lush, you have the bread/cake soap perfected, and not many can say that

Have you tried Lush Movis Facial Soap Cleanser?

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Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Three

Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Three with Elle UK Magazine

Blog post research, thats what it is. Not procrastination, nope. Daily I find myself reading different posts and blogs, but like always there are three at the moment I find that I click on daily, even if they haven't published a new posts. So instead of just seeming like a stalker (especially after my Three Blogs I Read Daily: Part Two), I decided to share just why I cant keep off.

Annie Writes Beauty | Not only do I stalk Alice's Instagram (just look at any of her selfie comments, I'm there...) I can always guarantee she will have a interest post for me to read. Being totally honest is one reason I am addicted, not many people would be that honest about a Stella McCartney.

Cocochic by Stephanie | Erm, so does Cocochic need a expiation? I fell in love the minute I click on, every post has me hooked; beauty, fashion or 150 to be happy. I am hook, line and sinker for Stephanie, and while I'm there, can we take a minute to look at her face?

Sophie etc | I just want Sophies wardrobe, and life, and of course like this post title suggests, I will go on her blog every day just to have a bit of fashion envy. She wears all the things I wish I could pull off. Printed trousers that don't look like I have forgot to get dressed? Nope I cant, but Sophie defiantly can.

What blogs do you read daily?

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The Perfect Mascara: Mascara Layering

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara and Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara,

You may of heard of a certain Miss Charlotte Tilburys claims that the perfect mascara doesn't exist, with a mixture of Chanel, Maybelline and Estee Lauder being the perfect combination (in that order). And I hate to jump on a bandwagon like this, but I completely agree. If a mascara offers volume, it lacks the length, and if it does offer length I am stuck with skinny eyelashes (Any other mascara claims don't interest me by the way). My answer? Something I have been doing for years bit didn't realise it was a 'thing', layering up my mascaras.

I start by voluming the lashes with the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara. This is the perfect eyelash catcher as there are also bristles on the end of the wand, and I find this helps to 'hook' any annoying lashes. Its easy to coat and build up both the inner and outer lashes, without causing a mess, or more importantly not poking my eye out.

The Perfect Mascara: Mascara Layering
And then I'll add the length with Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara, as this really isn't one for volume. Its also wet, with a 'Hook ‘n’ Roll' wand that doesnt seem to do much for me on my bare lashes. Despite this, once dried, and mascara eyelid mess cleaned up, my lashes certainly grow longer (can't judge curliness) and more defined.

So while I can't quite take credit for this idea (if only), I know that layering up two, or more if you fancy, mascaras is the recipe for perfect eyelashes. 

Do you layer up your mascaras?

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