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23 April 2014

Bargain Purchase: Real Techniques Starter Set

Real Techniques Eye Starter Set
Real Techniques EyeBrush Starter Set
Real Techniques Starter Set ReviewReal Techniques Starter Set Brushes

Hey beauties. It seems I have a TK Maxx problem. I can't seem to walk in and leave empty handed. I didn't even go in there for makeup, although I'm not entirely sure why I went in there last week, but I couldn't be more glad I did as left on its own on the shelf was the Real Technique Starter Set, half price. Since I brought a couple of the face brushes I have been so keen to try this kit, and I am sure you'll be aware of the starter set but if you're not it contains the brushes I've listed below. Which I have given their own little review, incase (like me) you are a bit unsure what to actually do with 5 eye brushes that a non makeup lover would no doubt consider the same!

Base Shadow Brush
"Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color"
This is a soft and fluffy brush. The round, fairly chunky brush head really does make applying an all over base shadow look much more professional. 

Deluxe Crease Brush
"Soft, oversized design for effortless contouring"
Admittedly I'm not the best at applying eyeshadow, no patience to blend, but having a thinner and slightly more tapered brush head than the Base Shadow Brush, means that blending has become much more bareable in the past few days. 

Brow Brush
"Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows"
The tapered Brow Brush is a tad too large for me at the moment, I am getting use to it, but after using the stupidly tiny brush from my Benefit Brow Zings kit anything larger than a pin was going to be a struggle.

Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
"Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application"
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this brush as I don't think it works well for a fine eyeliner, or maybe that is my lack of artistic skills showing, but I do love for applying eyeshadow as an eyeliner by slightly wetting the end of the brush.

Accent Brush
"Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging"
Underrated but a great multi-tasker as I have found. The Accent Brush is perfect for reaching the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone, and its safe to say I've used this brush no end.

Overall I do love this is little set, and I do like the case and stand it comes in. Little things eh! Plus obviously I love it more as I got it half price. Good old TK Maxx.

Have you tried the Real Technique Starter Set?

Essie Spring Collection Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Spring Collection Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Nail Polish - Truth or Flare

Essie Spring Collection Truth or Flare

Hey lovelies. Can you tell I am enjoying painting my nail wheel? I've always loved Essie, for me they are perfect as they are not as expensive as Nails Inc or Butter London, but I feel more expensive wearing them then lets say, Rimmel. No offence Rimmel. So naturally I was drawn to Essie's new spring range, of six different colours, and Truth or Flare caught my eye, with its stunning bluey/grey colour.

I didn't actually own a blue polish before. Crazy right? I used to associate blue nails with dead people...as you do, so I steered clear. Luckily I have gotten over my fear and now I am in love with blue nail polishes. Truth or Flare appealed to me as I love the grey tones, and it feels grown up, not like I've painted my nails with a kids paint pot. Plus it is so glossy without the topcoat. As you can see on the wheel, one coat barely does much, two is perfect and three is even better, if you can be bothered! I am just eyeing up now which on in the spring collection to go for next...

Essie Spring Collection Nail Polish £7.99

Will you be trying Essie Spring Collection Nail Polishes?

21 April 2014

Weekly Wax: NEW! Yankee Candle Orange Splash

Yankee Candle Orange Splash Review

Yankee Candle Orange Splash

Hey beauties. Today, far from expanding my candle brand inner snob as I have another Yankee Candle. But wait for this, it is new. Brand new. I've not even seen this in the shops yet, and of course I've checked and felt very smug when I saw nothing even close to the Yankee Candle Orange Splash scent I have today from the ScentedCandleShop. All new summer scents out named 'Fruit-a-licious', and if you saw my Instagram yesterday, you would of seen I have three from the range. Extra smug yes.

But I'll be honest, and if you've ever read any of my Weekly Wax posts you will know I never go for fruity scents, I basically like my room to smell like a Christmas bakery. Fruit scents to me, often smell like toilet cleaners...so naturally I was a bit wary of Orange Splash. But oh boy, was I wrong. The minute I opened this bright orange candle I was greeted by such a gorgeous scent, orangey of course. But this doesn't smell artificial at all, which is often the reason I associate fruit with toilets, but much more of actual orange scent that makes my room feel and smell very summery. 

If you like your fruit or orange scents, you'll love this. And even if you don't, you do need to try this. It has pleasantly surprised me!  

Yankee Candle Jar - Orange Splash £7.99

Will you be trying Yankee Candle Orange Splash?