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Instagram Diary: Part Eleven

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Bit of a face palm moment, as apparently I had to Google how to spell 'eleven'. But somehow I have made double figures with these Instagram posts. Who knew I had that much of a Instagrammable life? Well I probably don't, but I can always find a white wall or a bunch of flowers or something. Saying that, I have been to Rome so if that can't be Instagrammed then I might as well give up my account now and save the hassle of trying to spell 'twelve'...but as along as I can find a white wall (and keep changing my hair weekly) that is never going to happen.

What have you been up too recently?

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New in from John Frieda

New from John Frieda Haircare 2015

You know that feeling when good hair is wasted on a bad day? Well that has been happening a lot recently. Not so much the bad days, but more the good hair, and before you call big headed; one my hair is fake and two, my hair is hardly Victorias Secret swish worthy but the past few weeks have seen my hair actually behaving itself somewhat. And the reason behind this? The new John Frieda blonde range.

Apparently a revamp of their Beach Blonde line which was around back in 2000 (which I don't remember as I wasn't actually blonde then...), John Frieda has come back to help with the beach waves we all want, well I certainly do at least. The range consists of the Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying ShampooJohn Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner (£5.99) and the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray (£5.89).

I was a tad dubious that a shampoo & conditioner duo could really do the whole beach vibe thing, but somehow, these have done it, and it has been said that this range is in fact suitable for blondes and brunettes. Smelling of mojito cocktails no less, both of these really have cleansed, nourished and hydrated my hair, and given a almost matte finish. Greasy hair girls (my hand is up) this is the one for you. The minty properties of these give a cooling effect that help with that hydration. And sorry Toni & Guy salt spray, you've been replaced by the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray.

I hate to admit I have saved the best for last, and the Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment (£9.99) is something you need if you have flat and limp hair. Like the name suggests, this in shower product is simply applied post shampoo & conditioner, left on for 3-5 minutes and then washed off. I excepted a bit of root lift from this, but even my ends of hair have come out thicker and right to the top of my head with my dire fringe actually looking full. Blonde or not, a beach fan or not, you can't deny the need for fuller hair.

My only suggestion for John Frieda about their new products? Please throw in complimentary mojitos to cure my cravings now please.

Have you tried any of these new John Frieda products?

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Debenhams does Flowers

Debenhams Flowers, Debenhams Flowers Delivery, Debenhams Flowers Review, Best Debenhams Flowers, Flower Bouquet,

Debenhams Flowers, Debenhams Flowers Delivery, Debenhams Flowers Review, Best Debenhams Flowers, Flower Bouquet,

Who doesn't like a Flower Delivery? Exactly. Aside from makeup and chocolate there isn't much else I like turning up on my doorstep, especially early in the morning. My Next Day Flowers from Debenhams were certainly that, but of course no complaints as no one can ever stay mad a beautiful bunch of Flowers by Post like this.

I know I know, I am always posting flowers on my Instagram, but I thought it was a about time a bunch made their way over onto the blog. And I didn't do things by halves, as the Debenhams Flowers Grandparents Day range is just stunning and very very worthy of being mentioned. The celebration bouquet is a mixture lisianthus in a softest pink, green carnations and white bouvardia. To be honest, all the range is beautiful and I never realised how hard it was to pick a bouquet out. Unfortunately I don't have any Grandparents to celebrate the day with on the 4th October, however I did still pick a bunch a flowers I just know my grandmother would of adored. I'm sure my granddad would of like them too, but I do think he might of enjoyed the chocolate box slightly more.

As a little something, the discount code DFBLOG25 will entitle you to 25% off a bouquet. The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers By Post' range. I am sure any grandparent, or person, would love one of these bouquets to turn up on their doorstep. If not, do just send them my way instead.

Did you know Debenhams did such lovely flowers?

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