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The Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I am majorly jealous of all my friends at Global Gathering right now...thanks work...Oh well, its given me time to write todays post.

And I have done gone and done it, jumped firmly on the Urban Decay Naked Palette bandwagon, admittedly way behind, well everyone. Least I got there in the end. After being on my July lust list I thought I would treat myself. I have never really spent that much on eyeshadows as that is one area of my makeup routine I neglect just down to pure laziness. I have a few Dior eyeshadows that I love. So creamy, but the shades I have are rather sparkly and very christmas party-esque. You don't have to be a makeup geek to see the buzz around the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and I read too many rave reviews to ignore and this fitted the bill perfectly the sort of all in one palette I was after. I know there are thousands of reviews on this by now, but there is room for one more right? 

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Urban Decay Naked Palette
First off, this packaging is one of the best out there in my opinion, so gorgeous and elegant covered in velvet. Little things eh. The added extras that you get with this - Shadow brush and Primer Potion - are brilliant quality also and help justify the hefty price tag. The Primer Potion is to be used pre-shadow to prime and smooth, it claims to help shadow last '24 Hours' with no fallout or fade. This is a fantastic product and accompanies the palette perfectly, I'm considering buying the full sized Primer Potion when I run out thanks to the little sample.

The brush is perfect for sweeping across the entire lid, a double ended brush would be more convenient I feel as the Shadow brush is quite thick so isn't useful for creating those intricate details. Featuring a row of 12 high quality, long-wear shades, with a good mixture of matte and glittery textures and a range of colours, all staying the 'neutral' range. I love how the shades are suitable for highlighting, covering the crease and contouring the eye, whilst adding colour; the shades are buildable and blendable making it a effortless makeup job.

On to the good part, the colours. A quick run down of the colour, in my own words not that of Urban Decays, so totally my opinion of them.

A shimmery vanilla colour with pink tones 

♥ Sin
A frosted shimmery pale pink 

♥ Naked
A uude matte colour

♥ Sidecar
A frosted brown, it almost verges on maroon because of the slight red undertone

♥ Buck
A matte mid brown 

♥ Half Baked
A shimmery light bronze-brown, comes out less gold than it looks like

♥ Smog
A shimmery mid/dark bronze

♥ Darkhorse
A deep brown, with a slight green  undertone.

♥ Toasted
A rose gold shimmery colour, possibly my favourite 

♥ Hustle
A medium/dark brown with a very slight purple undertone

♥ Creep
Like the midnight sky! black with a blue hue and shimmery.

♥ Gunmetal
Exactly that - deep grey with a blue tone.

Below I've created a very subtle smokey look, you might not be able to see it well but I'm going to do a proper tutorial soon instead.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Urban Decay Naked Palette

There's no shade which I wouldn't use in the Naked Palette, each shade alone I really like, looking incredible alone and once blended and used together the shades become even more wearable and enjoyable. Experimenting with this palette provides endless different looks, I'm still developing my skills with using eyeshadow in that process; and I have everything I need in this one palette.
I am actually surprised how much I love this, normally when a product is surrounded by so much hype, something in me takes a instant dislike to it, guess thats reverse psychology for you! But this is by far by best purchase in a very long time. I have never been in love but I reckon that this is what it feels like.

 Urban Decay Naked Palette - £36 (Also the Naked 2 palette is there)

Do you own the Urban Decay Naked Palette?

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