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Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I am normally the girl at the beach trying desperately to avoid getting any of the salty sea in my hair so when sea salt sprays came on to the market, surprisingly I avoided like the plague. Then I caved, once I actually realised how I wanted my hair to look would be done to the sea salt everyone was raving about. Annoying, I do hate being wrong...

I picked up the 75ml travel bottle which was about £2, purely as I didn't want to spend loads and end up hating it. The packaging is simple, a small greenish spray bottle. First I will say the main bug bear I have with this product is the spray isn't very fine. If you spray this directly onto your hair you may find you may just soak it, especially if like myself you have thin hair. However I tend to spray two sprays on my hand a scrunch it through my hair and that works perfectly, part from the sticky hands. 

I experimented with using the Sea Salt Spray on both damp and dry hair and found it worked best whilst my hair was still slightly wet. After a quick blow dry my hair instantly had volume without looking dry or matted. I was also really impressed at how well the spray performed on dry hair. In the morning if I’m pushed for time (which is everyday) I give my hair a good spritz through focusing on the roots, running through with my fingers and scrunching the ends up slightly to create some texture. In the picture above, which I must apologise for the awful quality as it is a iPhone snap, I just sprayed some in and left it to then air dry in a plait, hence why it is a tad more wavy.

Like I mentioned before, I can't believe I actually shunned this little beauty of a hair trick for so long. Well, maybe if I had been less stubborn...You can pick up the travel size for £2 and the full size 200ml bottle for £7.19, which is still considerably less that the famous Bumble and Bumble salt spray.

Have you tried any salt sprays before?

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