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10 essentials every makeup bag should have

10 essentials every makeup bag should have

Merry Christmas, and happy Boxing Day lovelies! Did everyone have a lovely day? So with New Year just around the corner, it is the time for New Years resolutions. I don't think I have ever made one though...I think I just know I will forget it within a day so don't entirely see the point! However, I have come to realise that I actually own a makeup bag that takes over my handbag and it just is not getting any smaller. So I have decided to scale it down as best as I can...well to 10 item that in my are absolute essentials...

Concealer | Eye bags and spots make this a must.
Blush | Even though I do have my bronzer, sometimes I simply like the choice.
Eyeliner | Although I don't wear this daily, eyeliner is perfect for that day to night look - quickly.
Hair ties and brush | (They can count as one as I tie my hair bands around my brush...) Pretty much the same reason as above, my hair post work often looks shocking, so up in a bun, or whatever it will do, often happens.
Nude Lipstick | Again, mainly just to give my face a bit of attention when it is needed, without too much effort on my part. Much easier than a red lipstick when trying to apply it on the tube.
Eyebrow Fixer | By fixer I mean a pencil with a comb, I like my eyebrows tidy, which they never are.
Bronzer - Or I guess blush if thats what you prefer, however I need a instant colour boost quite often.
Mascara - Well going by my blog name I am a mascara addict, I check I have my mascara before my purse most days. Yep as that will really top up my Oyster card...
Mirror - I pack the largest one I have, oh the shame. Well I need to see wear my makeup is going on right?
Makeup Remover Wipes - Yes slightly contractionary considering this is a makeup applying post but bare with me; after a shoot wear my makeup looks like Marilyn Manson and I have to get home without scaring people, they are a must.

And finally, which does make this number 11 but I just couldn't leave it out..

Nail File | Not that I recommend this if your going through any form of Airport security, but without sounding to typical, breaking a nail is such a pain and very annoying when it keeps catching on things! 

What are your makeup bag essentials?

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