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Freederm Treatment Gel Review

Freederm Treatment Gel Review

Now I will start with saying that my skin is generally very well behaved, thank God or work would be pretty difficult, but apart from being dry it has always behaved itself. I was very lucky to never of suffered with 'teen skin' or acne, but when I do get a spot, oh boy is it large. Often resembling a small planet somewhere on my face. So while I can't judge products when I don't have a face full of spots, I can judge based on the one or two volcanos I get.

Freederm Treatment Gel is just one of those products I have repurchased ever since I first came across it.  Freederm contains 4% w/w Nicotinamide as the active ingredient. As far as I know, Nicotinamide is an anti-inflammatory agent.  I always follow the instructions and apply a thin layer twice a day, or just at night depending on how angry my spot is looking. One thing good about the Freederm Gel is that as its a clear gel you can apply it in the daytime, and it doesn’t go crusty like some spot treatments. Also it’s a fragrance-free product, ideal for sensitive skin. I find when I wake up the next morning the redness has reduced and the spot is less angry, sometimes it will draw the spot out (nice) but this also means that it will go away quicker. And not once have I found this not to work, which is pretty impressive. 

Like I said, I can't judge how the gel would work if you suffer from acne, but from a slightly quieter spot situation then Freederm Gel is the way forward. 

You can pick this up at both Boots and Superdrug. But Superdrug have the 10ml on offer for £3.32 at the moment.

What do you think of the Freederm Treatment Gel? Have you tried anything else from their range?

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