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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Orange Splash

Yankee Candle Orange Splash Review

Yankee Candle Orange Splash

, far from expanding my candle brand inner snob as I have another Yankee Candle. But wait for this, it is new. Brand new. I've not even seen this in the shops yet, and of course I've checked and felt very smug when I saw nothing even close to the Yankee Candle Orange Splash scent I have today from the ScentedCandleShop. All new summer scents out named 'Fruit-a-licious', and if you saw my Instagram yesterday, you would of seen I have three from the range. Extra smug yes.

But I'll be honest, and if you've ever read any of my Weekly Wax posts you will know I never go for fruity scents, I basically like my room to smell like a Christmas bakery. Fruit scents to me, often smell like toilet cleaners...so naturally I was a bit wary of Orange Splash. But oh boy, was I wrong. The minute I opened this bright orange candle I was greeted by such a gorgeous scent, orangey of course. But this doesn't smell artificial at all, which is often the reason I associate fruit with toilets, but much more of actual orange scent that makes my room feel and smell very summery. 

If you like your fruit or orange scents, you'll love this. And even if you don't, you do need to try this. It has pleasantly surprised me. 

Yankee Candle Jar - Orange Splash £7.99

Will you be trying Yankee Candle Orange Splash?

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