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Weekly Wax: Yankee Candle Baby Powder

 Yankee Candle Baby Powder Review

 Yankee Candle Baby Powder

I really do not have a Yankee Candle addiction I promise. Well, maybe a tiny one. But no other candles are really comparing at the moment to good old Yankee. Unless you can recommend some? My room is starting to look like a Yankee Candle showroom. Well, as you can see, this is another very popular choice with me as there is actually no wax left to photograph, so here is the empty tumbler jar instead. 

This was a white candle, very fitting for the Baby Powder name, and this is one of Yankee Candles best sellers. I do struggle with the clean fragrances normally, but this has a sweet edge making it less of a clean smell, and more of a baby powder scent. Yes, I know the description of this is shocking, but it truly does what is says and smells of baby/talcum powder. I have read a few other reviews to try and help me with my lacking description skills, and the other theme with this candle is that it reminds mothers of their freshly cleaned baby. I can't judge on that, so I'll leave that thought with you...

Regardless, I am a big fan of Baby Powder, and whilst this might be the marmite of Yankee Candle, I do think everyone needs a sniff of this at least once.

Yankee Candle Baby Powder from £1.80 for a sampler, or £9.95 for the size above.

Have you tried the Yankee Candle Baby Powder?

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