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Karora Cosmetics CC Cream

Karora Cosmetics Face And Body CC Cream Review

Karora Cosmetics CC Cream

Karora Cosmetics Face and Body CC Cream
When BB creams came out I swore blind I would never touch them. Too little coverage for my taste. And I have been true to my word, so again when CC creams were released into the beauty world I barely even bothered looking at them. So you can say I was very dubious about trying the Karora Cosmetics CC Cream.

This CC cream did catch my eye though as its a multi tasking cream that is designed to deliver radiance, coverage and apparently complexion perfection. And you can use this on your face, and body. Hello a MAC Face and Body Foundation alternative. Karora have made this with botanicals ingredients to nourish and hydrate to improve texture and tone of your skin, not that I believe I product that provides coverage i.e. blocking pores will actually be good for your skin. But then I don't understand the science part, so I won't be arguing.

Karora Cosmetics CC Cream Colour

Karora Cosmetics CC Cream Before
Karora Cosmetics CC Cream After

The cream is available in just one shade, which comes out a greyish shade at first, but as you work it in it darkens and becomes very pigmented with an excellent and surprising amount of coverage. The one shade thing is a bit of a issue, as you can imagine. Rarely does any makeup item have the mantra of 'one size fits all', but I think face makeup is just the worst thing for that. Obviously this is way too dark for my face, and I don't do pale...

However, all is not lost as its an excellent instant tanner for my body, and covers everything, and is much easier than a fake tan to blend, and washes off if anything goes wrong. If you are a slightly darker skin tone I would imagine this would be great to mix into your normal foundation to darken it slightly.

So my view on CC creams for the face haven't changed, however its no surprise that as I do love MACs Face and Body foundation, I love this for my body, and being the clumsy girl I am, I do often need something to cover those bruises which I can never remember doing. Karora UK Stockist is Lloyds Pharmacy. Who have timely seem to of sold out...But for now have a look at their website Karora CC Cream.

Have you tried Karora Cosmetics CC Cream or any CC Cream?

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