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Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series

Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series

Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series Exfoliate Brush

The Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series

I never get accept PR samples for the sake of it, and I know I won't like a product, or it just isn't suitable I'll just say no. And I hate to admit that the Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series did nearly fall into that category. I just was a bit 'meh' towards a electric brush that claims to transform your skin, but maybe in a moment of madness, I decided to try this new brush out.

Very similar to the infamous Clarisonic, but cheaper, this little pink tool part of the 'Fashion Series'  and it's a travel-sized, colourful and apparently youthful alternative to the other product, the Magnitone Pulsar. Naturally I opted for pink, but they do other colours,  and if you're stuck on the choice, you can play the game to decide which colour you are.

Now, I always thought that these brushes were just to exfoliate the skin, and maybe shift a bit of dry skin. But boy was I wrong. Magnitone can also used to clean makeup and dirt of my face, and really give my skin a deep clean, which my skin is in a real big need of, however I don't really want to be admitting that. I do wash, honestly.

The Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series Pink Brush

Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series Brush

The brush itself is actually incredibly easy to use, despite my recoil when I opened the box that it was too complicated. And once I stopped staring and actually got it out, its embarrassingly easily. It has two settings, one for normal skin and one sensitive skin incase you find the first setting too harsh (both are equally amazing). The brush itself beeps every 20 seconds, to give you an idea of how to spend on each area of the face, and then switches off at a minute. It will turn on for 1 minute and will beep through 20 second intervals so you can get every part of your face. I start with my forehead, cheeks and then my nose and chin.  The fact that the cleanser is waterproof means I can happily use it in the shower without causing electrical issues.

But does it work? Well, within only a day or two, the first thing that stood out to me was the general appearance of my skin - my discolouration had calmed down a whole load and the dry patches are pretty much gone. I've now been using this 10 days, and it honesty has helped SO much. Nose scales have been reduced, and my skin just looks clearer and smoother. Almost to the point where I would consider going out without foundation, then I see how pale I am...

Anyway, I can't express via a computer screen just how much I am in love with this gadget. There just isn't a way. But you seriously need a Magnitone, and I am not sure if you quite understand the gap in your life.

Magnitone Lucid The Fashion Series £69.99

Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid?

*PR Sample/Gift

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