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Toni & Guy Professional Hair Dryer

Toni & Guy Professional AC Compact Dryer

Toni & Guy Professional Hair Dryer  Review

Until recently I never really bothered with hair driers. I think I had the same one for about 5 years, and it was never a item I was fussed on. They just dry your hair, whats the fuss? But recently I had a slight hair dryer explosion issue, leaving me faced with the idea of air dried hair. And my hair does not do that nice beachy wave look when left to dry naturally. It goes into a fizz ball in protest.

I have been lucky enough to be trying the Toni & Guy Professional AC Compact Dryer.  Designed to be easier to use and lighter weight compared with most AC dryers apparently, and it does come with a concentrator for precision drying, or the Volume Enhancing diffuser for Ultimate curls. I've not really used the diffuser, I have tried it, but hair does not do curls so it was a bit of a hopeless mission. However, the concentrator is excellent and rather sturdy. You won't be getting hit of the head by this falling off. The only way this will happen is by you actually dropping on your head as I do find it bit heavy, but nothing arm aching. 

But what I love the most about this hair dryer? The luxury rubberised finish. It just feels so nice, and it looks expensive. No cheap plastic here. This is one very good hair dryer. My hair got a dried quickly at both high (slightly wind turbine like) and low settings, but isn't so hot you feel like your cooking your head. In comparison to my previous £8 hair dryer, well there is no comparison, my hair is much smoother and less frizzy. Who knew a hair dryer could do that? 

Toni & Guy Professional AC Compact Dryer £39.99 from Argos, and have a look at their entire salon professional Toni & Guy Electrical site.

Have you tried the Toni & Guy Professional Hair Dryer?

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