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Thanks To Pinterest I Have Found...

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Its not secret I am a Pinterest addict, and had my account long before my blog, of course only using it to collect Mollie King, Candice Swanepoel and cat pictures. But since I started blogging I found Pinterest does have other uses, I know shock horror, and that it can actually be classed as useful in the blogging world. Besides the increased traffic use, I have found some pretty amazing blogs through Pinterest, that without my stalking, I just wouldn't of found.

This list isn't in a order, except for Oracle Fox written by Amanda, who was my first ever Pinterest blog find. She is a photographer, illustrator and stylist, and just has the best pictures. Oh to be that creative. 

Next up is one I don't really want to admit, but its the lovely Milk Bubble Tea by Becky, as apparently I do live under a rock and managed to totally miss her blog beforehand. You don't need me to remind you how lovely Becky's blog is, but its just so dreamy, as I am sure you'll know anyway.

Next is Cocorrina by Corina, a gorgeous Kefalonia based lady. And if that alone isn't enough to make you jealous, have a look at her blog on graphic design, inspiration, fashion, home decor and handmade jewellery. Envious? Me?!

Another girl crush here (sensing a theme?) Is Barefoot blonde by Amber. Same age as me, slightly depressing. That aside, I am head over heels for her sense of fashion and style. Just how does one person look that good?! Pfft. 

Lastly, is La La Mer by Marianna Hewitt. Aimed to be a lifestyle and personal style blog, but the reason I am slightly obsessed with Marianna is her face. And hair. Seriously, just look at her. Not often do I want to go brunette but she leaves me tempted. But then I do remember I won't look half as good as her. 

What have you found thanks to Pinterest?

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