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Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener

Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener
Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener Swatches
The Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener Review

Obsessed with making my eyes bigger? Me? Guilty. Cue the violins but sometimes having bigger eyes actually will show off more when they are not look so bright and awake. So when I got the Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener I let out a little squeal of excitement.

The idea is pretty self explanatory with this pencil, aimed to brighten up eyes, making them look larger and less tired. I just wear this on my waterline and luckily it is extremely creamy and I can apply it without causing myself any tears. Which has happened with some other cheaper eyeliners. Plus the nib is thin enough that I can use this without getting nude mess on my lower lashes, and really messing up my mascara. Which as you can imagine, never goes down well with me.

The shade of nude (if there is such a thing) is also great, being more of a pinky nude makes it look more natural looking compared to a harsh white, and it doesn't look like I have been trying desperately to brighten up my eyes. Another thing that attracts me to this Eye Brightener is that its a twisty up self- sharpening pencil. Anything that causes less mess and hassle will always win me over. I know you more than likely can't see the brightener in the photo, which is kind of the point, but this pencil has defiantly helped me look more awake in the mornings. And for £2.50? This would be a cheaper option than a coffee. 

Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener £2.50

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Inner Eye Brightener?

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