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A Focus on Cetraben Products

Cetraben Products the lotion and cream for eczema prone skin

Sometimes in life, mum knows what she is talking about. And often is the case when it comes to skincare. For years my mum has told me that the only thing to ever help my eczema covered skin was old fashioned non fussy skincare, like emollients. And even though I have tried stupid amounts of fancier creams, I forgot nothing cures my cure skin more emollients like products until I tried these Cetraben products. 

Working like an artificial fat, filling in the gaps between the skin cells so they can fill with water and swell up again. Cetraben is a mixture of white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin with water, to produce a thick moisturiser. It works by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface. These Cetraben items also contains glycerin, which is absorbed into the skin where it attracts water to itself, helping to retain water in the skin surface. And if you didn't learn anything new there, give yourself a pat on the back, I defiantly just had a mini science lesson. 

I have been using the Cetraben Cream (£8) to help relieve my face discomfort, and the eczema prone bits on my body. Its convenient to use with a 'airless' pump dispensers allow for just the right amount to be pumped out. I have also been using the Cetraben Lotion (£8), the newest item to the range, and this is a non greasy treatment option that seems to work well with the cream. Both are such a good price I think, especially when they have worked better than some of the higher end more expensive brands. And in fact, this is the first January in a long time I've not battled some serious face havoc and eczema hassle. Not that I'll be admitting my mum was sort of right with skincare...

Even though I am not a Facebook sort of gal, the Cetraben UK Facebook Page is actually proving quite good for skincare tips and advice, so worth a nose. 

Have you tried Cetraben Products before?

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