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Focus on Cloud 9 Skin Solutions

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Review

New skincare finds always excite me, especially ones with a name like Cloud 9 Skin Solutions. Yeah maybe a tad shallow but I just knew I had to try them based on the namesake. Not a 'new' brand by any means, but new to me, Cloud 9 were started when they did their research and found most skincare items just gather dust in bathroom cupboards. A few scientific meetings later and their range of skin solutions was born. And I have been lucky enough to be trying out 5 of their products...

Body Makeover - Cellulite Treatment (Sky Blue) £35 | Unusually with the key ingredient of Ivy, this clear gel reduces that orange peel skin within two weeks. You need to give this product a good rub into your skin, as this apparently gets the blood pumping around and makes the gel that bit more effective. Admittedly (for now) cellulite isn't much of a issue for me, but hey, the backs my legs do feel smoother.

Natures Miracle - Varicose Vein Treatment (Dark Blue) £30 | Luckily I don't (yet) have varicose veins, but this is on standby for the day when I realise I do. Fingers crossed my genes are good. And I quite like the tingling sensation when using it. Don't judge me.

Tranquility - Ultra Soothing Cream for Dry Damaged Skin (Grey) £36 | So this is my forte, dry skin. This soothing cream has worked wonders,  and its no surprise with the Vitamin B12 and Avocado Oil in the ingredient list. Firstly I just used this on my body (incase made me grow another limb or something) but as it sorted out my dry legs I moved it onto my face.

Skin Rehab - Scar Minimising Cream (Pink) £35 | Now this is the one item I was most excited to try thanks to a scar on my stomach. I do also have spot scars. contains a rather unique ingredient list. St John’s Wortand extract of Onion...I'm used to my onions pickled so it makes a change for them to be reducing inflammation and encouraging healthy skin regeneration. Plus both old and new scars can benefit from the Cloud 9 treatment.

Clarity - Skin Clearing Spot Gel  (Green) £32 | Surprisingly, even though winter is normally the time spots appear on my face, my skin has been behaved so I didn't get to gain the full benefits from this. But this gel also improves skin if you have picked (not that we do that of course) the area and takes the appearance of angry red skin down. 

What I do like about Cloud 9 Skin Solutions is not only are they one of most friendliest companies I have come across, is the simplicity of their products, and they tell you just what they do. No fancy claims, just skincare done right.

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions from £30.

Have you tried any of the Cloud 9 Skin Solutions products?

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