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Instagram Diary: Part Four

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Makeup Revolution's New 'Pro' Palette | Messy Hair & Chunky Knit Day | My MAC Velvet Teddy Replacement | Jo Malone Heaven | My article for Jourdann Dunn's much await Vogue Cover | Culture to tone down the faux fur hat | Louis came out to play | Fluff | And my Christmas arrived early in champagne, flower and chocolate form.

As if it is my first Instagram Diary of the year? I more than likely should of done one of these a bit sooner as this now involves a Christmas picture. Well, my Christmas in champagne, flowers and chocolates so that doesn't really count right? I have been keeping myself busy at After Nyne Magazine, which is were my Jourdan Dunn's much await Vogue Cover article and a few others live, like the return of Mr John Galliano. Plus, going by my pictures, can you tell I am glad to have my long blonde hair back?

What have you been up too recently?

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