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My Latest Hair: The ClipHair Extensions

ClipHair Blonde Brown Mix Full head extensions double wefted review

ClipHair Blonde Brown Mix Full head wefted extensions

ClipHair Blonde Brown Mix Full head extensions

ClipHair Blonde Brown Mix Full head extensions review

My hairs length is one thing that is never consistent with me, thanks to hair extensions of course. My shoulder length fine hair actually stays the same, but it varies from my natural length right down to near my waist, and not so natural. And at the moment I am a fan of the not so natural look, so trying out ClipHair Extensions couldn't of come at a better time.

I opted for 20 Inch Double Wefted Full Head Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions - Ash Brown/Bleach Blonde Mix (£74.99) on arrival (the next day hurrah) I was pleased to see they are a perfect match. With a girl on the packaging that does look remarkably like a young Rachel Stevens (Sclub 7 of course).  They do offer a free colour match service, but I was living life on the edge that day and just decided to risk it. For some reason they actually seem to look entirely different colours in these photos (typical) but if you're going for this colour I'd say ignore the photos with me in, as my lighting must of been dodgy, as they are not that blonde. 

ClipHair Extensions Blonde Brown Mix Review
There are 8 pieces in the set, with three clips per weft, two four inch wide wefts with two clips per weft and four two inch wide wefts with 1 clip per weft, and to top this off they are 100% human Remy hair. You only have to do a little Google to see this is the best kind of extension hair, and as well as being  cuticle correct, remy hair has a natural sheen to it. The clips are a good size as well, they are not too small that they don't grip and slip out your hair, nor are they too big that you can feel them or see them when their clipped in, even with my fine hair.

The hair itself is thick, even if they do thin out towards the ends slightly, it was nothing a quick style couldn't fix. Its incredibly hard to find hair extensions that look natural, and that is the main thing I look for when I get them, and regardless of my love for length, I need them to look like I could of grown my hair that long. And ClipHair Extensions have done that perfectly. So for now, full volume extensions are back in my life, I just better be careful how I flick my 20 inches of hair. 

Have you tried ClipHair Extensions before?

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