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The Jo Malone London & Narciso Rodriguez fragrances that stole my heart

Jo Malone Lily of the Valley, Jo Malone Lily of the Valley Rock of Ages, Jo Malone London Rock of Ages collection,

A real sign of being a 'grown up' is having your own signature scent that everyone can recognise you by, right? Well then I am in trouble, as I have never settled down with the one fragrance, why have one when you can have two? I just don't know that I won't find another scent in a few years that I prefer and want to upgrade too. So for at least the next few months I have two perfumes that I can say I am spoken for. 

My most recent perfume edition is the Jo Malone London Lily of the Valley Cologne. This is a limited edition (so I am trying not to use it within the week) from their Rock of Ages collection. Lily of the Valley is apparently a older fashioned scent, ask Grandmothers, yet in true Jo Malone style they have put their own signature feel to it, and I'd imagine fans of Jo Malone Bluebell will also enjoy this. Not often I'll ever go for fresh florals, but this Ivy and cassis scented cologne has a more light feel to it, and allows me to wear it without thinking of toilet cleaners. Head over heels? Of course, but when can I ever say otherwise for Jo Malone. 

For when Jo Malone needs a rest, I have a understated beauty of the perfume world, the Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau De Parfum. Firstly, how many white perfumes have you seen? Exactly. This is the more feminine take of the Narciso Rodriguez For Her, just not as musky. What is meant to be Gardenia and Bulgarian Rose, with a amber muskiness and slightly woody cedar base can only be described by me in two words. Baby powder. I don't care this fits in the musky floral woody fragrance family, this white glass bottle is a classy take on baby powder, if there is such a thing. I can't pick between these two, but if I can have my cake and eat it, then that is just what I'll do. 

What fragrances at the moment have your heart?

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