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Going Nude This Winter

Essie and Nails Inc Maincure

Sometimes there is nothing better than going nude during the winter. Nail wise of course, and when the appeal of darker red nails has literary chipped away there is nothing that makes me feel better than a nude nail. The ultimate 'I can't be bothered' manicure attitude, and it couldn't be more fitting this time of year. And who else would I fall back to for daily nails? Essie and my old favourite, Nails Inc. The new Nails Inc NailKale range (quite literally made with kale, apparently) had me sold purely on their packaging. And even more so when I realised that these are apart Alexa Chung's range for the brand. 

From the first superfood nail range its the Nails Inc NailKale in Westbourne Park Road I picked up for my nude fix, and although it looks more nude in the bottle, this is more a muted purple. 

My next nude fix is from Essie and their Cocktails and Coconuts. Again, sold not just on the colour, who doesn't like cocktails and coconuts? Exactly. This nude is a warm sand colour with a very subtle crystal-fleck glitter that Essie are pretty known for, and do oh so well.

Last up is Essie's Sugar Daddy. This is just girly-ness in bottle from. And strangely from this shimmery pink shade, it looks just as pretty with one coat applied as it does with three. So not only can the pale colour mean I can be lazy with chips, I can also just apply the one.

What colours are you wearing on your nails this winter?

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