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The Sunday Pick Me Ups

MAC Japanese Maple, Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush - The Makeup Flatlay

Thanks to a long week, time Sunday hits I need a pick me up, and when chocolate can't work its magic, the next best thing of course is makeup. Well, what else? And when my skin doesn't want to behave thanks to the slight weekend dehydration (wine) that may of happened, and my makeup doesn't want to sit right I can always rely on a couple of items to make me feel slightly better about my face.

First would be a lipstick, the MAC Japanese Maple to be exact. Lipstick is one item that always seems to go right no matter what state my face is in. This frosted light beige, which falls safely into the nude category with beige tones, is similar to that MAC's Myth, but Japanese Maple is a much more subtle shade due to the semi-opaque finish. That high shine gives a glossy affect making my lips appear more plumped, and just more alive than I am feeling.

And what else can can make you feel utterly glamorous when your face and body isn't feeling it? Jo Malone Peony and Suede Blush cologne. Previously mentioned as the The one that beats Chanel, this is a sweet and romantic scent that combines the freshness of red apple, jasmine, the luxury of peony (favourite flower) and the unusual mix of suede into the one heavenly fragrance.

Think a floral scent with a touch of leather won't work or too much for a Sunday? Think again. This has no trace of leather at all, so no worries that you'll smell like a new car. The combination leaves a scent I think is a tad musky but the floral edge leaves it warm and understated. Think Marc Jacobs Daisy or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but nicer. It’s that sort of scent that you’ll love but you won’t be sure exactly why. But boy, it really can make you feel glamorous and together, even when the chances are that is the exact opposite of how I'm feeling.

What are your Sunday pick me ups?

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